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  • Vendor: Jimmy Choo

I Want Choo

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Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau de Parfum 3.3 oz (100 ml): Be Unforgettable

Introducing Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau de Parfum, a fragrance designed for those who want to leave an unforgettable impression. This scent is a harmonious blend of modernity, allure, and the essence of the Jimmy Choo woman.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top Notes: Mandarin, Peach
  • Heart Notes: Red Spider Lily, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Benzoin

Scent Profile:

  • Top Notes: I Want Choo opens with a captivating burst of luscious mandarin and velvety peach. These top notes create an immediate and memorable first impression that's as vibrant as your charisma. They provide a fruity and vivacious start to your fragrant journey.

  • Heart Notes: The heart of the fragrance reveals a rich blend of red spider lily and jasmine. These heart notes infuse the aroma with depth, femininity, and a touch of floral sensuality. They are the core of the fragrance, creating a memorable and elegant character.

  • Base Notes: As the scent evolves, it leaves you with a warm and lasting base of vanilla and benzoin. These base notes add depth and complexity to the fragrance, ensuring that it lingers on your skin and in the memory of those around you. They create an unforgettable trail of modern allure and sophistication.

Elegance in a Bottle: Housed in an exquisitely designed bottle, the packaging of I Want Choo reflects the fragrance's character - modern, confident, and stylish. The clear glass showcases the pale elixir, while the iconic Jimmy Choo logo and a metallic collar add a touch of timeless luxury, making it a stunning addition to your fragrance collection. It's not just a fragrance; it's an embodiment of contemporary elegance.

Unleash Your Allure: I Want Choo is more than just a scent; it's an invitation to embrace your inner allure and leave a lasting impression. With impressive longevity and a captivating sillage, this fragrance ensures you stand out in any crowd. Whether you're heading to a special event, a night out on the town, or simply want to make an entrance, this fragrance enhances your aura with an air of unapologetic allure.

Versatility for the Modern Woman: This fragrance is as versatile as the modern woman who wears it. It's perfect for any occasion where you want to exude elegance, charisma, and the timeless allure of Jimmy Choo I Want Choo. It's your signature scent for expressing your unique style and unforgettable presence.

Elevate your presence and make a statement with Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau de Parfum 3.3 oz (100 ml). It's not just a fragrance; it's a symbol of modern allure and the charm of women who know how to be unforgettable.

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I Want Choo

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