Fraud Prevention Policy


Last Updated: 11/29/2023


At Perfume Headquarters, we prioritize the security of our transactions and the trust of our customers. Our Fraud Prevention Policy outlines the measures we take to prevent fraudulent activities on our site.

General Fraud Prevention Measures

To safeguard our operations and our customers, we implement the following practices:

  1. Card Verification: All orders require a Card Verification Value (CVV).
  2. Billing Address Verification: The billing address must match the address associated with the payment method.
  3. Phone Verification: A contact phone number is required for verification purposes.
  4. Country Matching: The billing country must correspond with the country from which the order is placed.
  5. Address Consistency: Shipping addresses must match billing addresses.
  6. Failed Payment Monitoring: Orders with numerous failed payment attempts are monitored closely.
  7. Address Flagging: We flag orders with addresses known for previous fraudulent activities.
  8. Zip Code Verification: Billing zip codes must match those on file for the payment method used.

International Orders and Third-Party Shipping Services

Given our operational focus, we have specific policies for international orders and third-party services:

  • United States Operations: We operate exclusively within the United States and do not accept international orders.
  • No Third-Party Shipping/Reshipping Services: Orders involving third-party shipping or reshipping services are not accepted due to increased risks of fraud.
  • Cancellation Policy: Orders that do not comply with these guidelines will be canceled and refunded.

Third-Party Fraud Prevention Services

We may collaborate with third-party services to enhance our fraud detection and prevention capabilities. This may include additional verification steps for certain transactions.

Order Verification and Cancellation

In case of any discrepancies or suspicious activities, we reserve the right to:

  • Contact customers directly for order verification.
  • Cancel and refund orders that cannot be verified or are suspected of fraud.

Reporting Unauthorized Charges

If you suspect unauthorized charges on your account:

  • Please contact us immediately using our online chat box or call us at (866) 963-0176.
  • We will investigate and work to resolve the issue promptly.

Cooperation and Contact

Your cooperation is vital in our efforts to prevent fraud. For questions or concerns about this policy, please reach out to us via our contact page.

Policy Updates

We may update this policy periodically. We encourage our customers to review it regularly to stay informed of any changes.

Thank you for choosing Perfume Headquarters. Your security and trust are paramount to us.