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Brit Sheer

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Discover the essence of effortless elegance with Burberry Brit Sheer, a fragrance that captures the spirit of modern femininity. The Burberry Brit Sheer 2 Pc Gift Set is a delightful ensemble that includes a generous 3.3oz EDT Spray and a luxuriously scented 2.5oz Body Lotion. This gift set is a perfect way to indulge in the light and refreshing allure of Burberry Brit Sheer or to present someone special with a thoughtful and stylish gift.


  1. EDT Spray:

    • Size: 3.3 oz (100 ml)
    • Type: Eau de Toilette
    • Immerse yourself in the vibrant and airy notes of Burberry Brit Sheer with the 3.3 oz EDT Spray. A fragrance that embodies modern femininity and effortless charm.
  2. Body Lotion:

    • Size: 2.5 oz (75 ml)
    • Envelop your skin in the gentle and sophisticated scent of Burberry Brit Sheer with the 2.5 oz Body Lotion. This luxurious lotion enhances the fragrance experience while leaving your skin feeling soft and beautifully scented.

Fragrance Notes: Burberry Brit Sheer is a celebration of joyful, fruity, and floral notes that create a light and refreshing olfactory experience:

  • Top Notes: Pineapple, Litchi, Yuzu, Mandarin Orange, and Grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Peony, Peach Blossom, and Pear
  • Base Notes: White Musk and Woodsy Notes

Key Features:

  • Effortless Elegance: Burberry Brit Sheer is a fragrance that embodies modern femininity, capturing the essence of effortless elegance.

  • Luxurious Body Lotion: The accompanying Body Lotion enhances the fragrance experience while providing a touch of indulgence for your skin.

  • Chic Gift Set: Packaged in an elegant box, this set makes for a stylish and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Recommended Use:

  • Ideal for everyday wear
  • Perfect for those who appreciate light and refreshing fragrances with a touch of sophistication

How to Use:

  1. Apply the Eau de Toilette Spray to pulse points for a light and refreshing fragrance.
  2. Gently massage the Body Lotion onto clean, dry skin to experience the luxurious scent and keep your skin moisturized.

Suggested Occasions:

  • Daytime events
  • Casual outings
  • Gift-giving occasions

Indulge in the modern femininity of Burberry Brit Sheer with this delightful 2 Pc Gift Set, a perfect expression of effortless elegance and style.

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Brit Sheer

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