What are testers?

Perfume testers are typically bottles or vials of a fragrance that are used in stores and by retailers for the purpose of allowing customers to test and sample different perfumes.  Here are some key points about perfume testers:

  1. Sampling: Perfume testers are placed on display in stores, often at fragrance counters or beauty departments. Customers can use these testers to apply a small amount of the perfume to their skin to experience the scent.

  2. No Packaging: Unlike regular retail perfume bottles, testers usually come without decorative packaging, caps, or boxes. They are functional and designed for easy application and testing.

  3. Identification: Tester bottles may be labeled as "tester" to distinguish them from the retail products. They may also be marked with specific information about the fragrance, such as its name and concentration (e.g., Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette).

  4. Promotion: Perfume testers serve as a promotional tool for the brand and allow customers to experience the fragrance before making a purchase decision. This can be especially important in the perfume industry, where scent is a highly personal and subjective choice.

  5. Availability: While testers are not typically sold to consumers, they are sometimes available for purchase at a reduced price from some sources. These tester bottles may be used by individuals who want to buy a particular fragrance at a lower cost but are not concerned with packaging.


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