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  • Vendor: Mont Blanc


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Mont Blanc Legend 2-Piece Gift Set is a timeless and sophisticated ensemble curated for the modern man who appreciates classic elegance. The set features the iconic Legend Eau de Toilette Spray and the complementing Legend After Shave Lotion. Inspired by the charisma and confidence of a legend, this fragrance duo is designed to enhance your grooming routine and leave a lasting impression.

Legend Eau de Toilette Spray:

  • Fragrance Profile:
    • Top Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Pineapple Leaf.

    • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Oakmoss, Geranium.

    • Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Cedarwood.

    • Key Features:

      1. Fresh and Invigorating Opening: The fragrance opens with a fresh and invigorating blend of bergamot, lavender, and pineapple leaf, creating an uplifting and memorable introduction.

      2. Elegant and Timeless Heart: The heart notes reveal an elegant and timeless composition with jasmine, oakmoss, and geranium. These elements add depth and sophistication, embodying the essence of a true legend.

      3. Warm and Masculine Base: The base notes of tonka bean, sandalwood, and cedarwood provide a warm and masculine foundation. These elements contribute to the lasting power of the fragrance, leaving a trail of confidence and allure.

Legend After Shave Lotion:

  • Key Features:
    1. Soothing and Refreshing Formula: The Legend After Shave Lotion is formulated to soothe and refresh the skin after shaving, leaving it feeling invigorated and revitalized.

    2. Complements the Fragrance: Infused with the signature Legend fragrance, the after shave lotion complements the Eau de Toilette, intensifying the overall experience and ensuring a cohesive scent profile.

Occasions: The Mont Blanc Legend 2-Piece Gift Set is perfect for various occasions, from everyday grooming to special events. Whether you're preparing for a day at the office or a formal evening out, this set adds a touch of legendary charm to your presence.

Packaging: The gift set is elegantly packaged in a Mont Blanc branded box, making it an ideal present for yourself or a distinguished man in your life. The bottles reflect the brand's commitment to refined design, with the classic Mont Blanc emblem adding a touch of sophistication.

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Mont Blanc Legend with this 2-piece gift set—a fragrance experience that defines the essence of a true legend.

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