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  • Vendor: Thierry Mugler

Angel Nova

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Product Details

Angel Nova by Thierry Mugler is a modern and celestial fragrance that celebrates the audacious spirit of the contemporary woman. Encased in a refillable bottle, this Eau de Parfum is a scent that radiates confidence, femininity, and the power to reinvent oneself. Immerse yourself in the luminous and dynamic world of Angel Nova, where every spritz is an expression of individuality and the joy of self-discovery.

Fragrance Profile:

  • Top Notes: Raspberry.
  • Heart Notes: Damask Rose, Akigalawood.
  • Base Notes: Benzoin.

Key Features:

  1. Juicy and Vibrant Raspberry Opening: Angel Nova opens with a burst of juicy and vibrant raspberry, creating an immediate sense of energy and playfulness. The top note sets the tone for a modern and lively olfactory journey.

  2. Elegant and Floral Damask Rose: The heart notes feature the elegant and timeless Damask Rose, adding a touch of femininity and grace. This floral element is balanced by the sophisticated and woody nuances of Akigalawood, creating a dynamic and multifaceted heart.

  3. Warm and Sensual Benzoin Base: The base notes reveal the warm and sensual character of Benzoin, providing a comforting and grounding foundation. This element adds depth and longevity to the fragrance, leaving a trail of subtle sophistication.

  4. Refillable Bottle: The refillable bottle is a symbol of sustainability and conscious luxury. Designed to be replenished, the bottle encourages a commitment to environmental responsibility, allowing you to enjoy your favorite fragrance while minimizing waste.

Occasions: Angel Nova by Thierry Mugler is versatile and well-suited for various occasions, from daytime adventures to evening events. Whether you're exploring the city, attending a celebration, or expressing your unique style, this Eau de Parfum is a perfect companion for the modern woman.

Packaging: The Angel Nova bottle is a work of art, featuring a sleek and futuristic design with a luminous pink hue. The star-shaped cap pays homage to the iconic Mugler star, adding a touch of celestial elegance to the overall presentation.

Immerse yourself in the luminous and empowering world of Angel Nova by Thierry Mugler—a fragrance that celebrates individuality, femininity, and the joy of self-expression.

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Angel Nova


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